Winslow and Linda Buxton


The story of Buxton Ranch and Vineyards began long ago in the hearts of Winslow and Linda Buxton. Winslow’s father, being a WWII Coast Guard Captain and part of “the greatest generation “, instilled in him a sense of traditional American values including working hard to achieve your goals and treating others with respect. The military life led to frequent moves for the family to many different parts of the country. One of the constants in every location was a movie theater where young Winslow could enjoy his favorite genre, the Western.

Winslow’s family settled in the Seattle area when he was a teen. This is where he met Linda, and they were married in 1958. Winslow graduated from the University of Washington as a chemical engineer and went on to follow a career in the pulp and paper industry. Linda was busy raising their 3 children and managing a household while mastering the art of moving the family from one location to another as required by Winslow’s career progression. One of these moves was to Scappoose, Oregon where they spent 3 years on a 15 acre parcel with a few horses and a cow. Linda enjoyed this taste of the ranch lifestyle as much as Winslow and their young children did. Winslow’s continued success in his career led to many more moves and eventually to the positions of CEO and Chairman of the Board at Pentair Corporation in Minnesota.

Upon retirement there was still a desire to fulfill the dream of ranching. The beauty of southern Oregon led them in 2004 to an idyllic 200 acre site on the Rogue River. The growing wine industry in the area was an additional enticement. The plan began to take shape with the planting of a 25 acre vineyard and the expansion of the cattle herd.

Winslow and Linda’s daughter Krisell relocated from Gig Harbor, WA with her husband Scott who had plans to become a winemaker. They own Kriselle Cellars which is located on the ranch.

Bonnie and Chip Buxton

Upon Winslow’s retirement from the ranch, Winslow and Linda’s son Chip and his wife Bonnie moved from Pensacola,FL to take over ranch and vineyard operations. Since then they have added another 170 acre site in Gold Hill to provide winter grazing for the cattle and possible expansion for the vineyard.

What began as a young boy’s fondness for Westerns and heroes like John Wayne became a reality for him and his family at Buxton Ranch and Vineyards.