Buxton Ranch & Vineyards

We are a family owned business dedicated to raising high quality natural grass-fed beef on the absolute best pasture we can generate.

The breeds we offer are Angus and an Angus-Wagyu cross, which were selected for the flavorful and tender characteristics of the beef. Our cattle are born, bred, and finished on the lush pastures of our two ranch locations in the Rogue Valley and Gold Hill.

Healthy pastures are a vital component of our operation. We utilize a vigorous pasture rotation schedule known as management intensive grazing which ensures the maximum in quality and quantity of forage growth. Long rest periods allow the grasses to renew energy reserves, rebuild shoots, and strengthen root systems. Another benefit of this type of grazing is that the cattle alone do a fine job of adding their own fertilizer to sustainably maintain the health of our soil. We believe that providing excellent forage produces excellent beef.